I love building and fixing things. Since childhood, I've felt a personal obligation to understand the world around me. I find a deep satisfaction in the power of hardware and software to shape the world to be a better place, and it gives me joy to understand the full stack of modern computing from transistors to high-level protocols and applications.


I deeply enjoy helping people and I delight in others' success. Outside of work, I have formally mentored college students with my own home-grown programming curriculum. At work, I strive to create a culture where any question can be asked and answered, and teaching, learning, and sharing are celebrated.

In the past decade I have been a regular attendee and presenter in Charlotte area tech community meetups, as well as IgniteCLT, and BarCampCLT. I have presented on topics including: Secure Programming, Data Integrity with MySQL, JavaScript Frameworks, Perl Frameworks, and Software Internationalization.

Professional Experience

Lead Developer

Developed, maintained, secured, and operated a cloud-based, MySQL-backed content-management platform tailored to large entertainment venues worldwide, serving over 350 client web-sites and millions of hits per day

Developed and maintained a public-facing legacy software platform in a challenging environment of constant feature development and emerging threats

Implemented myriad administrative tools using Golang, Python, and many other languages

Re-engineered and automated the entire company's production and development infrastructure including: provisioning, configuration, monitoring, and third-party services; greatly reducing production incidents while the volume of clients and traffic served has grown nearly two orders of magnitude

Designed and implemented full-stack metrics collection for observability across OS, database, and application components, as well as monitoring and alerting based on this data. Customized the metrics collection software used, collectd, to provide more in-depth firewall data than originally supported

Designed and implemented multi-lingual support in MySQL for a data-intensive legacy content platform, that was fully backwards-compatible and required no data migration on launch

Designed and implemented a platform for third-party API data-synchronization/ETL for ingestion to MySQL


Responsible for platform development, systems administration, and support of white-label video management+streaming platform that performed real-time splicing and transcoding, and served millions of requests per day

Responsible for zero-downtime migration between data-centers and MySQL databases whilst handling hundreds of requests per second against dozens of terabytes of customer content

Responsible for design and implementation of an in-house replacement for a third-party analytics platform which we had outgrown

Freelance Consultant

Developed high-performance simulation software for a smart-grid infrastructure provider to aid in load-testing and data-integrity assurance of their backend platform

Implemented a social network matching algorithm as a distributed platform based on Redis


Developed, maintained, and administered a healthcare cost estimation platform involving the processing and analysis of large quantities of medical claims data

Developed, maintained, and administered a Benefits Management Portal w/1M+ users across hundreds of clients, backed by a remarkably complex MySQL database

Data Analyst
Bank of America, Corporate Research

Provided recurring and ad-hoc reporting and data-mining over millions accounts, billions of transactions, sourced from disparate databases and data sources in support of internal trading positions and high-priority executive and third-party requests

Translated complicated numerical and statistical models from economists into actionable data

Data-Center Technician

Assisted in data-center build-outs: cabling, rack setup, hardware tests, organization

Took on this job part-time for fun, while still working at George Mason University

George Mason University

Responsible for the technical side of an enterprise software implementation including single-sign-on and management of the personal and academic data of students, faculty, and staff

Responsible for the backend implementation, development, and infrastructure of the university's largest college web site

Designed and implemented a financial tracking and reporting application to manage a multi-million-dollar program in support of curriculum technology improvements

Designed and implemented a web application to manage the recruitment, scheduling, and financial tracking of student volunteers for paid behavioral economics experiments. The search functionality and constraint-solving developed for this application was amazing and loved by all involved